JSS assists organizations that seek to improve systems, manage change, define problems, develop solutions, fund and implement projects, train staff, evaluate performance, and receive public recognition for their best achievements.

Our expertise in strategic thinking, governmental relations, technical assistance, rigorous research, evaluation and assessments, appropriate training and technology, and matching projects with funding - complementing your professional knowledge, skills, and experience - is dedicated to your success.

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Dr. Craig Uchida

Craig D. Uchida is President of JSS, Inc. (formerly 21st Century Solutions, Inc.) and chief consultant and researcher. Dr. Uchida previously served as a former senior executive at the U.S. Department of Justice and professor of criminology at the University of Maryland. He has more than 23 years of experience in criminal justice research, planning, and administration.

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Shellie E. Solomon

Shellie Solomon is Vice-President and chief administrator of JSS, Inc., and serves as associate consultant and researcher. She formerly served as Deputy Budget Director with the Census Bureau, and as Senior Manager at the Justice Department. Ms. Solomon has more than 12 years of experience in operations and management, budgets, strategic planning, criminal justice evaluation, and technology.

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Gordon A. Aoyagi
Director of Homeland Security and Public Policy

Gordon Aoyagi is the Director of Homeland Security and Public Policy for Justice & Security Strategies, Inc. Mr. Aoyagi has over 30 years of public policy experience in leadership and senior executive management positions for local government in homeland security, emergency management, fire and rescue services management, public administration, public transit operations at the local government level.

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Michael Wells
Director of Training

Michael Wells is the Director of Training at Justice & Security Strategies, Inc. He joined JSS in October 2005, after serving as a police lieutenant in the Concord (CA) Police Department, where he spent a 30-year career.

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Riley Waugh
Senior Research Consultant

W. Riley Waugh is a Senior Research Consultant at JSS. Mr. Waugh has over 20 years experience in criminal justice. Ten of those years were as the executive of non-profit corporations specializing in alternative sanctions and offender re-entry.

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Corina Putt
Research Associate

Ms. Corina Putt is a Research Associate at Justice & Security Strategies, Inc., who specializes in crime mapping and analysis with substantial expertise in ArcView, ArcGIS, Analyst Notebook, CrimeStat and other programs.

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Christine Connor
Research Associate

Christine Connor is a Research Associate and the newest employee at JSS, Inc., joining the company in August 2010. She has expertise in SPSS and GIS technology and research experience with drug-related homicides among the Latino population in Miami.

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Kathryn Hollingshead
Research Assistant

Kathryn Hollingshead is a Research Assistant in the Maryland office of JSS. She assists with literature reviews, data collection, and data analysis for the evaluation of presumptive drug detection technology and mortgage fraud.

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