Correctional Agencies
What We Do

JSS's analysis, strategic planning and organizational troubleshooting help make corrections agencies run more smoothly and connect more closely to the communities they serve.
We build, for example, local partnerships to reconnect inmates with their children as part of an innovative reentry process intended to reduce recidivism. In Miami, we organized a network of nonprofits and professional organizations called the Service Network for Children of Inmates. Our group partners with correction executives to arrange regular trips for children to visit their parents in jails and prisons. These bonding trips help establish meaningful relationships between inmates and their children and are a proven way to lower inmate disciplinary problems.
JSS also uses multiple, social scientific evaluation methods to measure the effectiveness of standard corrections' technologies and operations. From evaluating drug detection technologies to facilitating comprehensive plans to address mental illness, our state-of-the-art tools and techniques enable correctional facilities to operate in a more progressive and accountable manner.