Law Enforcement Agencies
What We Do

Experts at JSS work with police agencies to apply the latest evidence-based findings, technology, training, and strategic thinking to reduce gang violence, gun assault, domestic abuse, fraud, and property crime.
Our multidisciplinary team specializes in using rigorous research, technical assistance, data collecting and training to define problems, develop solutions, and evaluate outcomes to everyday challenges facing law enforcement organizations.
Our cutting-edge approaches, including Predictive Policing, Smart Policing and Community Policing, are transforming police departments across the Western Hemisphere through enhanced organizational structures, better community relations and improved ability to respond, solve and prevent crime.
The JSS staff has managed more than $12 million in international, federal, state and local grants and contracts in our work with more than 35 police agencies, including the Los Angeles Police Department, the City of Miami Police Department and the Virgin Islands Police Department.