State and District Attorneys
What We Do

Our team provides field research, evaluations, technological solutions, and other cutting-edge practices to assist prosecutors in convicting major offenders and dismantling criminal enterprises.
We use sophisticated data from criminal justice sources and filter it through geographic information systems, global positioning systems and analysis software, such as ArcView, ArcGIS and CrimeStat, to assist in identifying, tracking, and prosecuting specific criminals.
One of our specialties is creating, organizing and distributing data-driven information to target gang violence. We use computer-generated mapping, data analysis, gang trends, problem solving, and intelligence sharing to enable state or district attorneys to more efficiently build and organize gang crime cases.
The JSS staff applies a similar approach to other time consuming investigations, such as mortgage fraud. We create and maintain databases for mortgage fraud units to improve the efficiency of processing mortgage fraud cases by prioritizing investigations. Our approach also reduces the backlog of cases that accumulate due to limited resources.